POLAND 1:380,000 *

POLAND 1:380,000 *

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- Waterproof - Tear-Resistant - Travel Map
National Geographic's Poland Adventure Map is a highly functional travel tool whether you're exploring the scenic terrain, the many cosmopolitan cities, or the iconic historical sites. Cities and towns are clearly indicated and easy to find in the user-friendly index. A road network complete with distances and designations for roads, motorways, expressways, and secondary routes will help you find the route that's right for you. With specialty content to include hundreds of diverse and unique recreational, ecological, cultural, and historical destinations, this map is a perfect companion to a guidebook. National parks, museums, churches, castles, palaces, and points of interest are clearly indicated as are travel aids such as airports, railroads, and ferry routes.

The front side of the printed map details the western region of the country, from its western border with Germany and The Czech Republic to the expansive plains surrounding the capitol city of Warsaw. The eastern part of Poland is covered on the back side from the Baltic Sea in the north to the mountainous southern border with Slovakia. To the east, Poland borders Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, and the Russian province of Kaliningrad.

Travelers to Poland will find 14 World Heritage sites, including natural areas, castles, and medieval towns. The country offers impressive mountain ranges, seashores, and urban opportunties for adventure, all of which are included on this detailed map.

Every Adventure Map is printed on durable synthetic paper, making them waterproof, tear-resistant and tough -- capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel.

Map Scale = 1:380,000
Sheet Size = 25.5" x 37.75"
Folded Size = 4.25" x 9.25"