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Escalada roca - escalada gel -vias ferratas
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Arco Rock is a new guide book, the third since 2006, but totally different, completely updated and further enriched with proposals describing 113 new crags.
With the precious collaboration of the route openers and bolters we have carefully checked wall after wall, sector after sector, and pitch after pitch. Comparing them with what already existed, modifying and adding new routes thanks to meticulous research and in-depth analysis. Nothing is shrouded in secrecy; all the crags described, as usual with us, are published with every bolter’s approval.

Even this guide book has extra contents: in-depth interviews with some of the most significant personalities in Arco’s vertical history, both past and present; QR codes with GPS coordinates, which can be used with any smartphone and easily lead you to the car parks below all the crags; videos made especially to visit some of the Valley’s most beautiful rock faces.

About the Authors
Mario Manica from Rovereto has had connections with the Sarca Valley since 1979 when as a young boy, together with Giuliano Stenghel, he opened the first two routes at Nago. He has opened and climbed extreme routes in Africa, Asia, South America, North America and Europe. Since his first experience in Patagonia in 1985, he has never lost his desire to travel, discover and explore. Just like his explorative style in alpinism. Sonia’s dad, Antonella’s husband, he is very jealous of those sixteen year olds who climb 8b so easily!

Davide Negretti from Como has chosen to live in the Sarca Valley on account of its beauty and climate. He has been living next to Cavedine’s splendid lake for ten years now. With his pencil he has traced all the crags’ profiles and pitches in this guide book. Davide loves the outdoors, the countryside and nature, and has been working in a local farm over the past few years promoting its products.

In this guide book, Antonella Cicogna has been responsible for the text, reviewing it, interviewing, writing these pages with two, four and even six hands. She is a professional journalist and translator. She is Sonia’s mum, Mario’s wife and has travelled with him and climbed in Oman, Iran, Pakistan, India, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, USA and Canada, writing for general and technical journals. She comes from Milan and has been living in Trentino for the past twenty years and would never go back.